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End Breed Specific Legislation

Dogs are loyal, adorable, individuals, just dogs

Calgary Model

Dangerous dog laws written without breed labelling.

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Election 2018

Information surrounding the 2018 Provincial Election

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Background Story

August 29th, 2005 will forever be the day that dogs lives in Ontario changed. This was the day that saw Bill 132 come into effect in the province of Ontario. Against the recommendation of ALL PROFESSIONAL GROUPS that testified, the bill was still passed.

The changes were very directional and pointed at very spefific breeds, but the remaining problem was the open eneded style of the definition of what is truely a banned breed. We felt then and still to this day that there needs to be stronger enforcement on dangerous dogs, but there should NOT be any breed specific language in the laws.

What Can I Do To Help?


Let them know you do NOT agree with the way the law has been written. All dogs should be treated equally, regardless of breed, rather oon character.


Make sure you know which of your MPP candidates are for and which are against Breed Specific Legislation. You have a voice, use it when you cast your ballot!


Share the knowledge you have on the topic of Breed Specific Legislation. Make sure people understand, it isn't enforcable, and it costs them tax payer money.



We are all fighting for the same thing, responsible dog ownership over Breed Specific Legislation